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The Micronutrient Forum is a consultative group that brings together people from a wide array of sectors who share an interest in reducing micronutrient malnutrition – including researchers, policy-makers, program implementers, and the private sector. The Micronutrient Forum facilitates dialogue, fosters collaboration, and disseminates up-to-date research to improve the design and implementation of scalable programs, as well as to identify and facilitate the filling of key evidence gaps.

The Micronutrient Forum global conference in Addis Ababa from 2-6 June 2014 marks the revival of the Micronutrient Forum and focuses on the convergence of interests and shared responsibility among stakeholders from various sectors, including nutrition, health, agriculture, social protection, food security, the private sector and their spheres of influence.

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The theme of the Micronutrient Forum Global Conference in 2014 is ‘building bridges’ – with an emphasis on bridging scientific advances and multi-sectoral programming needs to ensure adequate micronutrient intake and status across the life cycle.

This theme will be implemented across four thematic topics that will a) update evidence and methods for measuring micronutrient deficiencies, excesses and coverage, with implications for policies and programs; b) highlight and discuss the effectiveness of nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions to improve micronutrient intake and status; c) spotlight and debate challenges and opportunities for scaling up evidence-based policies and programs from diverse sectors; and d) identify, present and explore mechanisms, challenges and opportunities for engagement among various stakeholders.

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Thematic Topic 1:

Measuring and interpreting information on micronutrient intake, status and program coverage.

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Thematic Topic 2:

Effects of micronutrient interventions on indicators and functional outcomes.

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Thematic Topic 3:

Scaling up micronutrient interventions: Bridging the gaps between evidence and implementation.

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Thematic Topic 4:

Stakeholders and sustainability: Elements of an enabling environment.

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NEW! An opportunity to get involved.
Submit a proposal for a Learning Center session at the conference.

Learning Centers provide participants of the Micronutrient Forum Global Conference with the opportunity to learn and/or interact with others around a specific topic in more depth than is permitted by the common presentation or exhibit formats.

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Call For Abstracts

The Call for Abstracts submission deadline has passed. We would like to thank everyone for their submissions.

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Registration is now open for the Micronutrient Forum Global Conference! Please click on the link below for information on registration fees and to register online.

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Sponsorship & Symposia

The Micronutrient Forum has a variety of sponsorship opportunities available. Check out the Sponsorship Prospectus below for more details on sponsorship, exhibits, travel grants and sponsored symposium sessions.

If you would like to sponsor the Micronutrient Forum Global Conference or rent an exhibition space, please complete the Sponsorship, Exhibition and Symposia Booking Form (page 19-20 of the prospectus) and send to mnforum@micronutrient.org.

Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsorship packages include one priority choice sponsored symposium session, if desired. Sponsored symposium sessions are also available to individuals or organizations without a sponsorship package for a flat room rate.

If you would like to organize a sponsored symposium session, please refer to the prospectus for details on room sizes and rates (page 15). To submit an application, complete the Sponsorship, Exhibition and Symposia Booking Form (#2, page 19-20 of the prospectus) and the Sponsored Symposium Session Application (page 21 of the prospectus; also available in Word format below) and send to mnforum@micronutrient.org.

Note: The Micronutrient Forum will only accept financial support from organizations that are in accordance with its Private Sector Engagement Policy below.

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Download the private sector engagement policy

Download the Annex 1: Sponsored symposium session application

Participant Information

Consult the following documents to find information on Ethiopia and the Micronutrient Forum Global Conference, hotels and accommodations in Addis Ababa, and answers to other questions you may have about the conference.

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