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0037 - Can multi-micronutrient milk fortification improve the iodine status, growth and health, of rural Moroccan schoolchildren? A randomized controlled trial

0080 - Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus status in Moroccan obese women

0129 - Efficiency of the consumption of multiple micronutrients fortified milk on vitamin D status of schoolchildren aged 7-9 years in Morocco.

0138 - Fruits and vegetables important sources to eliminate vitamin A deficiency in Morocco

0199 - Practices of mothers and health professionals about complementary feeding in twelve basic health care facilities in Casablanca, Morocco

0201 - Risk factors and epidemiology of neural tube defects in Morocco

0205 - Impact of an outreach support on the exclusive breastfeeding at the age of 6 months

0209 - Antenatal care in Rabat and outskirts, Morocco: risk factors for non-attendance

0210 - Exclusive breastfeeding in Rabat and outskirts, Morocco: Risk factors for non-compliance

0281 - Anemia in pregnancy: pregnancy outcome and neonatal data in a Moroccan population

0282 - Prevalence and factors associated with anemia pregnancy in a group of Moroccan pregnant women

0283 - Relation between leptin-adiponectin ratio and body fat, insulin, glucose and lipid profile during normal pregnancy

0444 - Sentinel study of the consumption of fortified wheat flour with elemental iron and folic acid on the status of women of childbearing age in Morocco

0448 - Iron and folic acid status of children 6 to 59 months in Morocco three years after the commercialization of wheat flour fortified with elemental iron and folic acid

0459 - Determination of nutritional status of vitamins A and D3 among the Moroccan population

0471 - Determination of the correlation of iodine deficiency and excess sodium in the 24h urine among Moroccan schoolchildren