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0079 - Daily consumption of zinc fortified water increases daily zinc intake and improves overall morbidity from common childhood infections in rural Kenyan children: a randomized, controlled effectiveness trial

0167 - Local capacity building and mobilising community support are important determinants of success for a large scale community-based complementary food project in Ethiopil

0182 - Promotion of local foods with provision of MNPs or sq-LNS can improve nutrient adequacy for 6-23 month old children in Tigray, Ethiopia

0183 - Knowledge, attitude and practices of caregivers using MNPs in a program setting in Ethiopia

0269 - Acceptance and adoption of biofortified crops by vulnerable populations

0353 - Assessing micronutrient status in the presence of inflammation: comparing approaches in children aged 2-6 years from rural Western Kenya

0354 - Daily food-based dietary recommendations combined with zinc fortified drinking water ensure nutrient adequacy among 4-6 year old Kenyan children