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0165 - Hemoglobin concentration anddiet diversity of young children in Boricha district, Sidama zone, Southern Ethiopia

0506 - Phenolic, carotenoid, tocopherol, antioxidant and fatty acid composition of commonly consumed Canadian yellow pea, lentil and chickpea cultivars

0538 - Assessing the use of Traditional Household Pulse Processing and Consumption for improved food and nutrition security

0600 - Taking the pulse . . . understanding the policy space and stakeholder considerations for implementation of an iron/ zinc lentil dal fortification strategy

0602 - A nutrition education intervention affects the diet-health related practices and nutritional status of mothers and children in a pulse-growing community in Halaba, south Ethiopia

0604 - Starting young incorporating local pulses in the menus of childcare centers in Saskatoon: a pilot project

0611 - Iron fortification of pulse crop products