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0364 - Developing an integrated national policy framework to address micronutrient deficiencies in Nigeria

0368 - Nigeria reaches 246 million children with vitamin supplementation through the Maternal New-born and Child Health Week Campaign

0369 - Increased coverage of vitamin A supplementation in Nigeria is tainted by rising programme inequities

0372 - Determining barriers to universal coverage of nutrition interventions delivered through the Maternal Newborn and Child Health Weeks in Nigeria

0374 - The evolution of Nigeria’s vitamin A campaign into an integrated platform for delivering nutrition and health interventions nationally

0379 - Stakeholder engagement to develop a road map to initiative and scale up micronutrient powders linked with infant and young child feeding promotion in Nigeria

0380 - Estimating the investment required and expected economic returns of scaling up micronutrient powders in Nigeria

0385 - Scaling up of micronutrient interventions in Nigeria: achievements, lessons learned and the way forward

0389 - Understanding the Hausa socio-cultural context in northern Nigeria – Informing behaviour change messaging using cultural domain analysis

0399 - Distributing micronutrient powders in an emergency: experiences from 3 Boko Haram conflict affected North Nigeria states

0408 - Improving the performance of Maternal, New-born and Child Health Weeks in Nigeria through a real-time monitoring tool

0412 - Nigeria’s annual SMART survey and Multiple Deprivation Analysis: a planning, advocacy and accountability tool for health and nutrition programming

0414 - Participatory formative research to develop a social marketing strategy in northern Nigeria

0415 - External monitoring of Maternal New-born and Children Health Weeks with SMART tablets improves accountability and transparency

0423 - Key fieldwork lessons from conducting multi-site formative research to inform development of an integrated nutrition program for children 6 – 23 months in northern Nigeria

0458 - Planning and reporting tool enhances supply management for Maternal New-born and Child Health Week saving $ 436,000 in resources

0484 - Understanding local infant and young child feeding practices to create an effective micronutrient powder program in Northern Nigeria

0495 - Multi-phase formative research to understand micronutrient powder (MNP) acceptance and utilization among children aged 6 – 23 months in northern Nigeria