Awareness of micronutrients among selected Filipino population groups: its implication on program strategies

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This study aimed to assess awareness and knowledge on micronutrients, its deficiencies and clinical outcomes across different population groups.


The data was extracted from the 8th National Nutrition Survey in 2013 with 35,825 households. The total respondents were 80,064 comprising of 20,249 adolescents, 56,048 adults, 1,190 pregnant women and 2,576 lactating mothers. Data were obtained through a face-to-face interview using standard developed questionnaires.


Only 8.2% were aware of micronutrients, its deficiencies and clinical outcomes. Highest percentage was noted among pregnant women (10.9%), adults and lactating mothers (9.3%), and adolescents (8.6%). Knowledge about micronutrient deficiencies was highest among adults and lowest among adolescents. Vitamin A and iron were the most recognized micronutrients. Consequently, iron deficiency (37.8%) and vitamin A deficiency (35.0%) were the most identified micronutrient deficiencies. Identified clinical outcome was only correct for iron deficiency. Respondents from urban setting had higher awareness (11.2%) than those from rural setting (7.0%). Respondents under the higher wealth index were more aware than those in the lower wealth index.


Awareness on micronutrients, its deficiencies and clinical outcomes was evidently low among Filipino population. Nutrition education using quad media, particularly social media, is a highly recommended to increase awareness and knowledge on micronutrients to gain better impact on intervention programs. Micronutrient interventions should more direct and targeted considering economic disparities, location and physiological groups.

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