Combined consumption of a single high-dose vitamin A supplement and provision of vitamin A fortified oil to households maintains adequate milk retinol concentrations for 6 months in lactating Moroccan women

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0094 Effects of interventions on micronutrient content of breastmilk Oral Not Approved


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To evaluate the effect of post-partum high dose VA supplementation and provision of VA fortified oil for household consumption on plasma and milk retinol concentrations of lactating Moroccan women during the first 6 mo post-partum.


Lactating women aged 19-40 y received a VA supplement within the first mo post-partum and thereafter were randomly assigned to one of two groups to receive weekly vitamin A fortified oil (FO) or non-fortified oil (NFO) for home consumption for 6 months. Blood was collected at baseline, 3 and 6 mo for measurement of plasma retinol concentration; milk was collected monthly for measurement of milk retinol and fat concentrations.


Serum retinol concentration was higher in the FO group than in the NFO group at 6 mo post-partum (3.5±0.6 µmol/L vs. 2.8±0.6 µmol/L, P<0.0001). Milk retinol concentration was greater from 1 mo post-partum in the FO group compared to the NFO group and remained higher throughout 6 mo (P<0.0001). Milk retinol per g fat at baseline did not differ by group; by 3 mo post-partum, milk retinol per g fat was higher in the FO group than in the non-FO group (87.3 ± 43 vs 77.3 ± 59 nmol/g fat, p=0.02) and remained higher throughout 6 mo (P<0.0001).


Combined supplementation and fortification has a more sustained impact on milk retinol concentrations than supplementation alone.

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