Commercial monitoring of oil fortification to assess availability and compliance of local oil brands fortified with vitamin A in Mozambique

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A market assessment as part of commercial monitoring was carried out in Mozambique to assess the availability and compliance of oil producers/brands with oil fortification standards and average fortification levels of oil available to the population.


Eight out of 11 provincial capitals/market hubs were selected based on high population density and in each three popular areas were identified. In each area three different retail outlet types were self-selected by the team and all available oil brands were recorded. From each province three oil samples were collected of each available locally produced oil brand. All single samples were analyzed for vitamin A content using Bioanalyt ICheck Chroma3 and averages per brand were calculated. To attain provincial averages weights proportionate to market share were applied.


Eighteen local oil brands (from 11 different local producers) were found on the market, 13 (72%) of which were fortified but not in compliance with national fortification standards. Considering only the fortified samples, three brands are fortified within the acceptable range (15-43 mg/kg) and 10 brands below that range (average levels between 3.2-14.5 mg/kg). Average fortification levels were highest for oil available in the capital provinces (Maputo city, Maputo province) and Tete and Zambezia province.


Although the majority of the producers fortify, compliance is not consistent and fortification levels vary across the country. Consistent fortification needs to be enforced. Commercial monitoring can identify non-compliant producers and average fortification levels of oil available to the population. External monitoring at the production site is required to ensure corrective action.

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