Determination of the correlation of iodine deficiency and excess sodium in the 24h urine among Moroccan schoolchildren

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0471 Prevalence and risk factors for micronutrient status(deficiency, overload) Poster Not Approved


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To assess the prevalence of iodine deficiency in schoolchildren aged 8 to 13 years and determine iodine deficiency correlation with excess sodium in the 24h urine sample.


Schoolchildren aged 8 to 13 years (n = 90) were recruited from urban schools. We used the method of Sandell-Kolthoff to analyse urinary iodine, as well as ICP-MS for urinary sodium analysis in the urine collected for 24h. While urinary creatinine was determined by potentiometric technique.


47% of children have moderate iodine deficiency (20-49 µg / l) and 62% of children present excess sodium in the urine of 24 hours (> 220mEq / L). Of the 47% who are iodine deficient 20% have an excess of sodium in the urine


The implementation of the strategies of reduction of salt consumption and salt iodization, should account for this duality of children having excess salt while being deficient in iodine.Key words: iodine deficiency-schoolchildren-excess sodium – 24h urine sample

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