Effect of weekly dose of MNP combined with nutritional education on nutritional status and hemoglobin concentration of Vietnamese children aged 6-23 months in midland area.

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To determine effect of weekly dose of MNP combining with nutritional education on Hemoglobin and nutritional status of children aged 6-23 months


A randomized controlled trial was done: Control group (n=100) and intervention group (n=99): the mothers were guided to use combination of 7 food groups recommended by WHO to prepare complementary food with adding MNP for children. The dose of MNP was 3 sachets per week during 20 weeks. Component of sachet: iron (12.5 mg); zinc (5 mg); vitamin A (300 mcg) vitamin D (10 mg), vitamin c (30mg) vitamin B1, B2, B6 each (0.5 mg), vitamin B12 (0,9 µg); vitamin E (5 mg); Niacin 6 mg); Copper (0,56), iodine (90 µg of); selenium (17 µg).


Before intervention, there is no significant difference between two groups on hemoglobin concentration, anthropometric index, mother’s complementary feeding practice.After intervention: Mother’s complementary feeding practice of intervention group was improved. About 87.9% mothers of intervention group using 60 sachets of MNP for their children during 6 months. Improvement ofhemoglobin concentration in the intervention group (8.1 ± 4.8 g/L) was significant higher than that in control group (2.0 ± 3.9g/L). Anemia prevalence of intervention group was significantly decreased from 52.9% to 13.3% whereas that was from 51.1% to 33.3% in control group. Increment of HAZandWAZ was significant higher than that of control


Combination of nutritional education for mothers and weekly 3 MNP of home fortification had positive effect on hemoglobin concentration and nutritional status of children aged 6-23 months

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