Effective communications for improved knowledge attitude and practices towards fortified foods

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To assess the effectiveness of various methods of communication that impact knowledge, attitude and practices towards the purchase of fortified foods


Indian Institute of Health Management Research University, in partnership with Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition implemented an effective staple food fortification project in Rajasthan. It was the first of its kind project in India, to enrich foods with micronutrients in order to improve the nutritional status of all the population groups.In order to create awareness and influence the buying behavior of consumers with respect to fortified foods, an effective communication strategy was formulated and implemented throughout Rajasthan, targeting all the stakeholders. An extensive multi-media approach comprising print media, radio, wall-writing, interpersonal communication, participation in local fairs, etc. was used over 4-year period


Nearly 95 percent of respondents surveyed were aware of multiple fortified foods. Of these, approximately 83 percent recognised wheat flour as fortified food, followed by (47%) edible oil and (2%) milk. About 12 percent also mentioned other fortified food products which primarily included salt. The main source of information about fortified foods was interpersonal communication (60%), followed by articles in the newspapers and magazines (30%), followed by those who heard the radio jingles and saw the advertisements of fortified foods on television and cable network. One third of the respondents also shared that they switched to buying fortified products on the suggestions/recommendations of the retailer.


Interpersonal communication is the most effective in influencing the purchase behaviour. Other preferred mediums for communication were print media followed by television.

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