Exclusive breastfeeding in Rabat and outskirts, Morocco: Risk factors for non-compliance

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Exclusive breastfeeding (EB) till six months of age is a simple and worldwide-accepted WHO recommendation that reduces morbidity and mortality in infants. The Aim of study is to explore factors leading to non-compliance of EB in Morocco.


During October 2014, mothers attending an urban paediatric hospital in Rabat or a rural clinic in Benslimane with children older than 6 months were approached.Oral informed consent was provided and an interview on mother and child nutrition done. Logistic regression was used to determine independent risk factors for non-compliance of EB.


A total of 235 women were recruited, 183 (78%) from the urban hospital. 163 (69%) referred having exclusively breastfed their children. Among those who did not, 67% referred lack of breast milk, 18% referred hospital admission during neonatal period as the reason for non-compliance, and 15% incompatibilities with their economic activity. Household monthly revenue was higher in the group of non-compliant (470 euros vs. 380 euros, p = 0.067). In the multivariate analysis, having delivered in a public hospital was independently associated with EB (OR 2.5, 95%CI 1.2-5.0). Counselling to encourage EB was not associated with EB compliance.


Efforts should be done to design more appropriate strategies to encourage EB among mothers in Rabat and outskirts, especially in the private sector, and to avoid interfering with EB in case of admission during neonatal period.

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