Factors for successful implementation of market based approaches to deliver micronutrient powders to communities

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Market-based approach (MBA) is increasingly being used to delivermicronutrient powders(MNP). MBA complements free distribution by catalyzing demand and creating a market for which the private sector can provide. However, limited information is available on the factors for successful implementation MBA. We identified the factors for successful use of MBA for MNP.


In Madagascar, Mozambique, Laos and Somaliland success factors related to MNP product, pricing, and promotion and distribution channels were identified through country specific workshops. The workshops engaged stakeholders from government and partners and used a standardized format to distill common factors. Furthermore, countries were facilitated through a community of practice (CoP) to share their experiences. Information from the workshops and CoP was synthesized to identify common factors.


The following success factors for MBA were identified: local branding of MNP product to enable optimal promotion, context specific evidence on appropriate retail price that the population is willing and able to pay, investment in promotion activities for awareness and demand creation, distribution points informed by market analysis to maximize access to MNP. Success factors for concurrent use of MBA and free distribution were inconclusive.


The identified success factors may improve performance of MBA. While there is growing evidence on MBA use, gaps exists on factors to inform simultaneous use of MBA and free distribution of MNP. In addition, limited is known on appropriate sequencing of MBA and free distribution.

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