Flour blending as a natural fortification means to enrich micronutrient level of a staple food teff injera used as complementary food in Ethiopia

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To prepare nutrient rich injera from teff and amaranth to improve nutritional status of children.


White teff and white amaranth grain were used for the study. Dough was prepared from milled grains at different blending proportions followed by injera making after fermenting the dough for ca. 38 h. Determination of protein, fat, carbohydrate and ash followed AOAC procedures. Iron and Zn were determined using AAS. Phytic acid was determined using HPAEC method. Sensory analysis was done using 50 consumer panels.


Protein, fat, carbohydrate and ash content of control injera was 12.14, 2.34, 83 and 2.51 g/100g DM. Blending of 40% amaranth to teff increased protein, fat and ash by 20, 86 and 18%, respectively but decreased carbohydrate by 6%. The content of Iron and Zinc were 9.12 and 3.15 mg/100g DM, respectively and this was improved by 12.8 and 10.2%, respectively when 40% amaranth was blended. Phytic acid content of control injera was 459 mg/100g DM but keeps increasing till 30% amaranth blending and drops to 447 mg/100g DM upon 40% amaranth blending due to the higher phytase activity of amaranth. Consumer panel responses showed that the taste, flavor and suppleness of the product significantly decreased (p<0.05) after 30% blending. However, 20% blending of amaranth to teff provides an acceptable injera with improved nutrient content.


Fortificaction of teff with amaranth has been discovered as an excellent strategy to enrich the nutrient content of injera, a major complementary food in Ethiopia, and a means to tackle malnutrition through food based approaches.

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