Formative work to design the packaging of Micronutrient Powders (MNPs) for home fortification programs in 3 countries in West and Central Africa

Abstract Number Theme Presentation Type Cover Approved
0355 Formative and/or implementation research to improve program design and/or implementation; process and impact evaluation Poster Not Approved


Abstract Content


To determine culturally appropriate product names and package designs that will communicate important usage instructions for MNPs and relay messages on infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices for target population in 3 countries in West and Central Africa, each with diverse languages and literacy level.


Formative work was conducted in regions of Cabo Verde (CV), Cameroun and São Tomé and Príncipe (STP). In each setting, focus group discussions and key informant interviews with 30 to 100 caregivers of children aged 0-24 months were conducted. Different colour options, images and product names were tested.


In Cameroon, the caregivers chose to use the colours of the national flag and an image of a smiling mother feeding a healthy and happy child on the sachet. Big sachets were preferred to boxes as they leave more space for usage instructions. In CV, the image of 4 healthy children was chosen to characterise the ethnic diversity of CV for the box. The representation of vitamins carrying an iron stick became the logo of the product. In STP, a yellow and blue box with the face of a smiling child, referred by the participants as being Saotomean, was preferred. In Cameroon, the name ‘VitaMin’ was chosen, whereas in CV and in STP, the participants selected the same name, ‘Vitaferro’.


The results from the formative studies were used to finalize designs, names and types of package for the MNPs. The distribution of MNPs is currently being scaled-up in the 3 countries.

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