Fortified rice-mongo curls: opportunity for improving the nutrition requirements of children six ((6) months to five (5) years old for iron and zinc

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The study aimed to develop fortification technology for fortified rice-mongo curls in pilot scale production using a twin-extruder machine and to determine the product’s shelf-life.


The pilot scale production of fortified rice-mongo (RM) curl and blend involved trials using fortificants namely: vitamin A acetate, two (2) different iron fortificants (micronized ferric pyrophosphate and ferrous fumerate), and micronized zinc oxide. The experiments were conducted using factorial design and products were evaluated by determining the physico-chemical, nutrient content, sensory and microbiological properties of the product during development and storage. Results of the experiment were analyzed by Design ExpertSoftware to determine the optimized fortification level where taste and acceptability were maximized, while rustiness, aftertaste and bitterness were minimized. The product was stored for 6-8 months to determine the stability of the products.


Results of the study showed that the acceptable iron and zinc levels of RM curls per 30 g serving size was for code 20% RENI (Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake) each using micronized ferric pyrophosphate and micronized zinc oxide and increases for code 31% RENI using ferrous fumarate and micronized zinc oxide. Both for code 20% and 31% RENI for both iron and zinc were stable during storage and even after storage. Vitamin A was not retained in the rice-mongo curls after processing due to high temperature generated by the extruder machine.


The fortification technology for rice-mongo curls with iron and zinc was developed and standardized in a twin-extruder machine with a shelf-life of 6 months. Results of the study can be used as a scientific basis for bioavailability, efficacy, market-trial, scale-up production and commercialization of RM curls and blend. It can also be used as basis for the fortification of other complementary and snack foods.

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