Helicobacter pylori infection is not associated with anemia, iron deficiency and inflammation in women of reproductive age in Havana, Cuba

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Anemia is the main public health problem related to nutrition in Cuba affecting children and pregnant women, but women of reproductive age are a not well studied group. Objective: Describe prevalence of anemia, iron deficiency in association with Helicobacter pylory (Hp) infection and inflammation.


A cross sectional study was conducted among in 391 women of 18 to 40 years old of Havana since February-June 2014. Diagnose of Helicobacter pylori (Hp) infection was evaluated by Hp´s urease-activity using 13C-labelled Urea. Hemoglobin analyzed in ABX Micros60; Ferritin, C Reactive Protein (CRP), Alpha-1 glycoprotein (AGP) and IL-6 by ELISA kit. Iron deficiency was evaluate by Ferritin (?15.0 µg/L) adjusted by CRP (?5.0 mg/L) and AGP (?1.0 g/L). Data base were analyzed using SPSS v20.0 and Epi-Info v7. Odds Ratio and Confidence Interval 95% were used for association analyses. Means IL-6 by Hp positive and negative were compared in a subsample group (n=96).


Hp infection prevalence, anemia and iron deficiency were 47.1%, 24.6%, 68.0% respectively. Inflammation by CRP and AGP were 8.4% and 19.9%. Iron deficiency was then main causes of anemia (82.3% OR=2.684 CI95%=1.510-4.770). Association of Hp and anemia (OR=0.937 CI95%=0.590-1.487), Iron deficiency (OR= 0.747 CI95%=0.488-1.144), CRP (OR=0.618 CI95%= 0.295-1.294), and AGP (OR=0.787 CI95%=0.477-1.298) were not statistical significance. No means difference on IL-6 between Hp positive and negative were found (p=0.287).


Helicobacter pylori infections are high in the population of women of reproductive age in Havana, but were not associated with anemia, iron deficiency or inflammation. Iron deficiency is the main cause of anemia in this population.I request for scholarship to attend the event

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