Identification and promotion of Positive Deviant Behaviours (PDB) regarding Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) among rural mothers for improving child health and nutrition – a cross sectional study

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To identify and promote positive deviant behavior (PDB) regarding IYCF among mothers and correlate with the nutritional status of children (<5y)


Cross sectional study conducted in 2 rural clusters of Vadodara district, Western India, covering all mothers with children (<5y), enrolled in the ongoing ICDS program. Qualitative and quantitative methodology was used to elicit data on the IYCF practices based on the 10 ideal practices guidelines from UNICEF (2011), using direct observations, personal interviews and semi structured questionnaires, scored using a10-point scale, categorized as PDB (=6 score point) and correlated with the current nutritional status (stunting, wasting, SAM and MAM) of the child.


Overall 43% practiced PDB (71% initiated breastfeeding within 1 day after birth, 51% fed colostrum, 32.5% exclusively breastfed their child for 6m, 48% mothers provided prelacteals and 66% gave water before 6m). Initiation of complementary foods (CF) at 6m was done by 65%, and 90% mothers continued breast feeding beyond 1 year along with CF. Active feeding was practiced by 70% mothers, but calorie deficits and use of micronutrient rich vegetables or fruits was very meagre. However even with PDB, 80% stunted and 45% wasted children were recorded in the study area.


Factors such as quality and quantity of complementary foods, dietary diversity, sanitation and hygiene, quality of care, health care access and stimulations for various domains of development required to be promoted in this community using the PDB. Further studies on improving maternal and child nutrition using PDB and integrated approaches on-going.

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