Implementation of the Maternal, New-born and Child Health Week in the conflict affected North Nigerian State of Borno

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Borno State in the North East of Nigeria missed 3 consecutive rounds of the Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Week (MNCHW) between 2014 and early 2015 due to the ongoing armed conflict. Borno State Government with support from UNICEF Nigeria planned and implemented MNCHW in August 2015, to ensure life saving interventions were delivered to all accessible children and women.


State planning meetings were held and accessible Local Government Areas (LGAs) and Wards identified. One health facility per Ward was selected with a team of 4 health workers stationed at each facility. Commodities and vaccines were distributed from States to participating facilities. Community members were mobilized through town announcers and community dialogues conducted.


Of all LGAs in the State, 48% were deemed safe and accessible. Vitamin A supplements were provided to 331,397 children aged 6-59 months, representing 61% programme coverage, while 122,257 (25%) children aged 12-59 months were dewormed. In addition 30,557, 24,116 and 6,169 pregnant women received folic acid supplementation, intermittent preventive treatment for malaria and tetanus toxoid immunization, respectively. 56,220 households were educated on Key Household Practices. Child vaccinations were conducted with 31,551 reached with oral polio vaccine, 7239 with measles, 3,687 with BCG, 11,687 PENTA, 1,013 HBV and 6,877 Yellow Fever.


With thorough planning MNCHW can be implemented in areas with compromised security and access constraints, ensuring life saving interventions reach vulnerable populations. Similar assessments should be conducted before future round of MNCHW to ensure all accessible LGAs are reached

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