Improved child care practices though Mencare Fatherhood Programme in Tea Estates by World Vision Lanka-Ambagamuwa ADP

Abstract Number Theme Presentation Type Cover Approved
0605 Other micronutrient-related interventions (e.g. agriculture, biofortification, education, social protection) Poster Not Approved


Abstract Content


To promote men’s involvement in child well-being practices as gender equitable caregivers and to end violence against women and children


MenCare groups are formed and trained based on modules.MenCare campaign is conducted to create awareness among the whole community on aspects of fatherhood Workshop is conducted for the couples Monitoring systems


Pick-up the child from the crèche rather than waiting for their wife to bring them home in the evening – division of labour between men and womenSpend time with their children in playing, teaching and caring for them after work Support their wives to prepare meals for their children and get them ready for school in the mornings, whilst also engaging in other housework Accompany the wife to the clinic centre and hospitals when the child is unwell.Reduce or in certain circumstances give up the consumption of alcohol instead contribute to family expenses. The reduction of alcohol intake will also lead to a reduction in family violence. Mobilising other community members towards child well-being


This MCFP is a supporting model for communities whose mother/s engage in income generation activities during the day and in instances where it is essential for responsibilities to be shared between both the husband and wife when caring, feeding and looking after the well-being of their children

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