Integrating vitamin A supplementation (VAS) intervention into routine health systems for program sustainability in Ethiopia

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To assess the extent to which (VAS) was successfully integrated into the health systems building blocks and VAS coverage trends by delivery mechanism (EOS, HEP and child health days) from 2012 – 2015.


The integration of VAS into routine health services was assessed using an integration matrix adopted from WHO which includes the following focus areas: service delivery, human resource, procurement and supplies, M&E, financing, Stewardship & Governance. Data from supervision, program monitoring, LC-LQAS surveys conducted by MI, FMOH reports/documents were also reviewed.


At baseline in 2011, VAS integration score was 17/27 points while in 2015 it was 25/27 points. Routine (HEP) reported coverage was also maintained above 80%. Health extension workers are providing VAS as part of regular health services during outreach and at health post; woreda health offices plan VAS integrating with annual woreda based plan, supervise/review, & report VAS intervention in integrating with health system.


Ethiopia’s findings indicate that strong health system support at all levels allowed relatively high VAS coverage to be maintained while shifting to an integrated routine system. Updated implementation guidelines, and continues monitoring of the program will support the continuation of this integration while maintaining high coverage & quality.

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