Knowledge, attitude and practices of day care pupils’ caregivers in La Trinidad, Beguet, Philippines

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0580 Other micronutrient-related interventions (e.g. agriculture, biofortification, education, social protection) Poster Not Approved


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To compare the levels of knowledge, attitude and practices of caregivers on iodine, iodized salt and micronutrient powder


Respondents were 360 caregivers of day care pupils in La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines. The pupils were randomly selected to participate in a clinical trial evaluating effectiveness of MNP in improving iodine nutrition. Pre- and post tests composed of 25-items (15 knowledge, 5 items each on attitude and practice) were administered at four-months interval as part of baseline and endline surveys. A response was assigned a score of one(1) if correct or zero(0) if wrong.A researcher-developedleaflet oniodine, iodized salt and micronutrient powder was given to the caregivers a month after the pre-test. Percentages,Z-test, T-test and Scheffe’s test were used in analysis.


The caregivers had a good level of knowledge regarding iodine, iodized salt and micronutrient powder (mean=9.10) at baseline significantly increasing to very good (mean=11.59) at endline (p<0.01). The mean score for attitude (3.62) alsoincreased at endline (4.04). Practices were sound based on mean scores of 3.21 and 3.74 at baseline and endline, respectively.Regardless of source of information used, the KAP levels were comparable at baseline.By endline, those who claimed using the leaflet either alone or in combination with other sources had better knowledge (means=11.82; 12.01) than those who did not (mean=10.81) (p<0.01). Attitude and practice remained comparable.


The caregivers’ knowledge, attitude and practice significantly improved from baseline to endline. The leaflet may have enhanced the knowledgebut not the attitude nor practiceof the caregivers.

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