Multifortification of bouillon in Central and West Africa – feasibility and cost efficiency

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0572 Iron, zinc, vitamin A, iodine, vitamin B12, folate, vitamin D, multiple micronutrients Poster Approved


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Develop a stable multifortified (iron and iodine) Maggi® bouillon cubes for industrial scale production and commercialization in Central and West Africa (CWA) and assess its impact on the reduction of micronutrient deficiencies.


Sability of multifortified Maggi® bouillon cubes was extensively studied through assessment of colour, aroma, flavour, and texture of the condiment during manufacturing, shelf-life, and consumption. Local preparations rich in polyphenols were tested to ensure stability. Process adaptation and optimization for proper micronutrients homogeneity were implemented. Nutritional impact was assessed through the development of a statistical model based on the principles of the Global Burden of Disease using nutritional data from Ivory Coast.


Commercialization of stable multifortified Maggi® bouillon cubes was accomplished in 2012 as a mean to complement mass fortification programs. Key points for its industrializations and acceptability by consumers were: 1) product stability and sensory properties in traditional African recipes; 2) safety and nutritional relevance; 3) ensuring micronutrient homogeneity and safety; 4) no price increased. Multifortified Maggi® bouillon cubes was estimated in Ivory Coast to reduce by 8% the economic burden and 9% health burden in DALYs.


Micronutrient fortification is a cost-effective approach to reduce malnutrition but its implementation is not always straightforward as stability, homogeneity, safety, cost, consumer acceptance, and nutritional impact are highly critical to ensure successful commercialization. Challenges going forward includes: bioavailability, density of micronutrients (amount, and number) additional micronutrient (e.g., Vitamin A).

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