National Program for the prevention and reduction of nutritional anemia for infants and young childrenNational Program for the prevention and reduction ofnutritional anemia for infants and young children

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The program has been designed to reduce and prevent the anemia in infants and young children.


The program has a strong emphasis on women as mothers and caregivers receive and give health interventions including the program. The program includes the following care: Assessing the state of emotional, social, physical and nutritional women health, micronutrient supplementation for women during pregnancy and lactation, all vaccines by age; counseling and education on healthy practices in food and nutrition; preparation for breastfeeding and child care; oral health care; admission and complete assessment to induce labor; support and care during the stages of labor, delivery, postpartum immediately; orientation care, food and danger signs for the mother and child during the postpartum period; perform cord clamping when it stops beating; complete physical assessment of the newborn; neonatal administration of vitamin K; prophylactic measures and neonatal screening tests; evaluation of growth and development; worming and micronutrient fortification powder at home for children 6-23 months. Delivery of 60 sachets of 1g formulation and 15 vitamins and minerals, according to WHO guidelines.In addition, the program includes institutional adaptation of architecture, building capacity for community development, institutions and individuals.


Colombia started the program in two departments of Bolívar and La Guajira according to their epidemiological profile, this pilot is being evaluated to consider expanding across the country.


These attentions within the health system and arranged jointly impact positively on nutritional anemia in early childhood.

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