Nutritional status and vitamin D deficiency among rural school children in Morocco

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0287 Prevalence and risk factors for micronutrient status(deficiency, overload) Poster Not Approved


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The aim of this study is to determine the nutritional status and vitamin D deficiency of rural schoolchildren in Morocco.


191 children aged 7-9years were enrolled in an observational study from a mountain rural region of Morocco. Weight, height and exact age were recorded; fasting blood samples were taken to assess vitamin D [25(OH) D] concentration.


The prevalence of malnutrition was 4.2% of underweight, 10% of stunting, 1% wasting and 0% of overweight or obesity. The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency was very higher 65.8% with a median of 25 OHD equal to 73.3nmol/l. The rate of serum vitamin D was very low among the malnourished children in comparison to the normal children (p<0.03).


This study showed the presence of a high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency among the school children and particularly among malnourished children. These results need appropriate interventions to address malnutrition and vitamin D deficiency among children living in mountain rural area of Morocco.

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