Setting the national standard of the multi-nutrient supplementary foods for pregnant and lactating women

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0435 Translating evidence into policy decisions for micronutrient interventions Poster Not Approved


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To set the national food safety standard of the multi-nutrients supplementary foods for pregnant and lactating women.


Collected the dietary nutrition status of pregnant and lactating women; analyzed the nutrients intakes distribution; compared the relevant regulations and standards from Chinese and abroad; evaluated the micronutrients efficacy and safety; conducted expert discussions and solicited opinions from the public.


The Standards specified daily max.50g for these products to supply high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and DHA. The standard also specified the description, basic food source, the contents of micronutrients, and the limits of contaminants, mycotoxins and microorganisms as well as the labeling.


The national food safety standard of the Multi-nutrient Supplementary Foods for Pregnant and Lactating Women (GB 31601-2015) was issued by National Health and Family Planning Commission of PRC on November 13, 2015.

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