Study on the anemia status of Chinese population

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0186 Prevalence and risk factors for micronutrient status(deficiency, overload) Poster Not Approved


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To analyze the anemia status of Chinese population according to the data of China Nutrition and Health Survey in 2010-2013.


China National Nutrition and Health Survey 2010–2013(CHNNS2010–2013) is a nationally representative cross-sectional study. Serum hemoglobin of 151053 subjects was determined by cyanmethemoglobin method recommended by ICSH and the difference of anemia prevalence in various areas was analyzed by different gender and age groups.


In 2010-2013, the anemia prevalence of Chinese population was 9.7% (7.0% of male, 12.6% of female). The anemia prevalence was 9.7% (6.8% of male and 12.8% of female) in urban and 9.7% (7.3% of male and 12.4% of female) in rural. Female and male anemia prevalence of rural area were significantly higher than that of city( P<0.05). Comparison of anemia prevalence of population among four type areas showed anemia prevalence in big cities was lowest, and in poverty rural area was highest.


Anemia is still the public-health issue in Chinese population.

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