Successful improvement of micronutrient content in corn soy blend (CSB) porridge used for treatment of moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) through a social behavior change communication (SBCC) intervention aimed at increasing amount of added fortified vegetable oil (FVO)

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In order to increase micronutrient content (vitamins A and D), essential fatty acid content, and energy density of CSB porridge used for treatment of MAM in children < 5 years of age in Malawi, a study evaluated the effectiveness of an intervention which provided an augmented ration of FVO along with SBCC. This secondary analysis examines the flow of information and effect of SBCC on the oil content of prepared porridge.


The intervention provided caregivers of children in an existing supplementary feeding program with an augmented FVO ration and targeted SBCC using the care group model. Interviews and focus groups were conducted with caregivers, health workers, and care group volunteers, in order to determine the exchange of information between the groups. The proportions of those providing and receiving messaging about ingredient use, storage, and purpose, were analyzed descriptively.


Our primary analysis showed that the intervention increased the amount of FVO added to the porridge, thereby increasing the vitamin A, vitamin D, and essential fatty acid content of the prepared porridge. Analysis of SBCC flow and information exchange showed that 100% of caregivers reported learning about the amounts of FVO and CSB to use while preparing porridge and over 90% of caregivers, health workers, and volunteers reported talking about it.


SBCC was delivered effectively, and information regarding CSB and FVO use was successfully exchanged. The augmented FVO ration and targeted SBCC were effective in increasing the micronutrient content, macronutrient content, and energy density in the porridge.

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