Micronutrient Forum Global Conference 2020

“Building New Evidence and Alliances for Improving Nutrition”

Dates: 23-27 March 2020
Pre-Conference Day: 22 March 2020

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


While maintaining a broad interest in all aspects of all micronutrients, as well as a balanced focus on research, implementation science, and policy development, the fifth International meeting of the Forum will open itself more broadly to the greater participation of colleagues from the food value chain sectors – agriculture, manufacturing, processing and distribution, retail, and culinary – with a deep-dive into positioning micronutrients at the heart of food systems to advance the achievement of optimal health impacts.

There will also be a regional focus on highlighting progress, while making advances in addressing micronutrient problems, in Southeast Asia countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand.

The Micronutrient Forum brings multi-disciplinary, multi-sectorial experts with an interest in micronutrients to the nexus of human biology, social and cultural norms and practices, economies and resource availability, epidemiological conditions, health systems and clinical practices, food production and delivery systems, science and research, government policies and regulations, and the logistics of delivering individual or population-based interventions, often in the context of food shortages, migration, conflict and climate change, for the purpose of finding ways to improve the micronutrient status of vulnerable populations.

It is a fiercely challenging landscape to navigate.

For more than a decade, through four international meetings, the Forum has honed a model and a platform to facilitate way-finding and collaboration, to identify gaps in knowledge that impede progress, and to optimize the sharing and translation of research data and findings so that they can be integrated and applied, in an optimal way, to policy-making and program implementation.

In 2018 the Forum entered into a new phase of its development as an international convening body, with a renewed and strengthened commitment to supporting the community of practice in micronutrients in an effective collaboration so that it might make its singular and vital contribution to achieving a world without extreme malnutrition, and the poverty that inevitably arises.


Track One: Micronutrient Biology and Status Assessment


Understanding the biology of micronutrient nutrition and implications for program design.


Track Two: Efficacy and Safety of Micronutrient Interventions


Understanding the effects of micronutrient interventions on micronutrient intake, status and related functional outcomes


Track Three: Program Effectiveness


Bridging the gap between evidence and implementation to optimize the scale up of micronutrient interventions.


Track Four: Designing Enabling Environments for Micronutrients


Engaging new actors and building new alliances, and expanding the field of view to include global, regional and national policy considerations, financing, innovative partnerships, climate change, communications, social marketing and advocacy.