Food Systems

Making Food Systems Work for Women 

 Across the world, women keep our food system alive and working – they are the farmers, laborers, entrepreneurs, vendors, traders, producers, processors, marketers, chefs, distributors, and take on many more roles that we often don’t consider.  

 Yet, in 2021, in food value chains, women make less money than men and occupy fewer positions of leadership. Millions of women are not able to eat the nutritious foods they produce or sell. 

Women continue to face barriers in accessing credit, skills, training, mentoring or bank accounts.  

Ownership of land and farm assets is also greatly uneven.  In Nigeria, it is common for men to own the cows and for women to own the milk.  

 Basic worker’s rights, such as access to nutritious foods at the workplace or breastfeeding facilities, are often not in place for women, particularly women farmers.  

At MNF, we want to turn this around. We want to see a world where women continue to power our food system without any expense or debt to themselves. This means: 

  • Women access training, business development, catalytic and patient capital, gender-friendly equipment, and markets to enable them to prosper   
  • Women are empowered by strong female role models and are connected to each other. 
  • Women are championed to take up leadership positions with global and local food systems.  
  • Women access business advice, and rural bank accounts so that they become the entrepreneurs they have always dreamed of becoming. 
  • Women are empowered in their homes, in their families, and in communities 
  • Women eat what they need to stay healthy. Not last. Not less. 

At MNF we advocate for changes to our global food systems


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