Invest in Nutrition

Micronutrients are small but mighty for our world’s children” 

Henrietta Fore, ED, UNICEF, the Micronutrient Forum CONNECTED Conference
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Economists have long hailed micronutrient interventions among the world’s best investments with an average return on investment of 35$ on every 1$ spent – Copenhagen Consensus

The 2021 Lancet Series on Maternal and Child Undernutrition confirms that the world has not made sufficient progress in micronutrient malnutrition among women and children. The Lancet identified eleven “Samurai Interventions” that have been shown to save and improve lives. At least 8 of these interventions relate to micronutrients, including: 

 Bio-fortification: Improving agronomic practices and biotechnology to increase the nutrient density of crops 

Fortification: Enriching staple foods such as wheat and oils are enriched with vitamins and minerals 

Supplementation: Vitamins and supplements to support nutrient health, for example, micronutrient supplementation during pregnancy.  

Such interventions are particularly valuable in places where dietary shifts are not immediately available or accessible.  

The Global Investment Case 

 The Ceres2030 report finds that an additional USD 33 billion per year invested in high-impact interventions will end hunger, double the incomes of 545 million food producers, and limit greenhouse gas emissions for agriculture to the commitments made in the Paris Climate Agreement. An important backdrop to this figure is the fact that overseas Development Assistance to nutrition is sharply declining and is not due to reach pre-pandemic levels until 2028. 

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