Board Member Opportunities at The Micronutrient Forum

The Micronutrient Forum (MNF) currently seeks new members of the Board, including individuals with extensive experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities who can provide oversight and guidance with respect to key functional areas of board responsibility. New Board members sought include:

  • Technical expertise in or affecting micronutrient health, specifically:
    • Micronutrient nutrition
    • Economics
    • Agriculture
    • Environment / Climate Change
  • Development expertise: a development professional with, preferably, public and private sector experience. This individual would provide high level board oversight, guidance, and support to the management team charged with expanding and diversifying the MNF’s revenue streams and managing the communications that support the MNF brand experience.
  • Private sector: An individual preferably able to provide private sector insights and perspectives to Board deliberations and to the MNF’s organization and operations to yield increased operating efficiency.

Those seeking to nominate an individual to serve on the MNF board should send a brief description of the prospective nominee, including the rationale for their nomination, along with any supporting materials available to:

Those who seek to express an interest in a board position, please send a brief letter expressing interest and the reasons for your interest, along with a resume and other supporting materials you deem important. Inquiries and supporting materials can be emailed to:

For more information, please read our Board of Directors Recruitment Prospectus

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