ST4N, UNICEF and WFP Launch the Global Resilience Report

Photo credit:  WFP/Evelyn Fey The Standing Together for Nutrition Consortium (ST4N) launches the Global Resilience Report, in partnership with UN agencies UNICEF and the World Food Programme. This milestone report builds on the lessons of the polycrisis – a devastating combination of factors, including the knock-on effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate and economic crises – with policy recommendations to safeguard

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Manifesto for Accelerated Action on Large Scale Food Fortification

From April 16-18, 2024, Cape Town, South Africa served as the meeting place for a Convening of Large-Scale Food Fortification Practitioners. Over three days, 245 participants representing 100 organizations, including governmental bodies, regional economic communities, United Nations organizations, donors, civil society, academia, and the private sector, engaged in intensive dialogue and productive working sessions. The

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A Tribute to a Nutrition Titan: Remembering Dr. Noel W. Solomons

By Saskia Osendarp, Executive Director, Micronutrient Forum Today, I write with a heavy heart as the global nutrition community mourns the loss of Dr. Noel W. Solomons, a stalwart figure in the field of micronutrients. With a career spanning over four decades, Dr. Solomons dedicated his life to improving the health and well-being of vulnerable

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Micronutrient Forum presents – Food Systems: Nourishing the Future

The Micronutrient Forum, with the support of USAID Advancing Nutrition, produced a 6-minute animated short film that emphasizes the urgent need for action in transforming food systems to prioritize young children’s nutrition. The purpose of the video is to inspire and actively engage the development sector, particularly funders, decision-makers, implementers working on food systems, and key influencers in child

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HMHB presents Knowledge Bytes: MMS – Invest in the Best

In 2023, the Copenhagen Consensus Center reported a remarkable 37:1 return on investment for Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation (MMS) in pregnant women. In the latest Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies (HMHB) Knowledge Byte, Bjørn Lomborg and John Hoddinott share why MMS is one of the top 12 investments for global development:

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Micronutrient Forum & Cloudera present – How Data Drives the Fight Against Hidden Hunger

The Micronutrient Forum and Cloudera have partnered together to produce an animated 7-minute short film on hidden hunger for broad audiences and, particularly, funders and decision-makers working on international development, global health and food security issues. In this film, global experts Ken Brown, Shawn Baker, and Emorn Udokesmalee highlight the devastating impacts of micronutrient deficiencies

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