Women’s Nutrition, Economic Empowerment and Leadership in the Food Systems Cluster

Women’s Nutrition, Economic Empowerment and Leadership in the Food Systems Cluster
The Micronutrient Forum is hosting a United Nations Food Systems Pre-Summit (UNFSS) Affiliated Session on Women’s Nutrition, Economic Empowerment, and Leadership in the Food Systems Cluster on Tuesday, July 27 from 13:30-14:20 ET | 19:30–20:20 CET | 23:00-23:50 IST
The UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) offers a tremendous opportunity to usher in a new era of food systems transformations that is both gender-inclusive and gender empowerment. This UNFSS solution cluster focuses on three critical components of gender-equitable food systems: nutrition, economic empowerment, and leadership. A new and actionable agenda that leverages synergies and complementarity of approaches in these areas is essential in accelerating progress towards more resilient, nutritious, and equitable food systems.
  • Nutrition: More than one in three women suffer from anemia – negatively impacting their health, productivity, earnings, pregnancy outcomes, and the development and growth of their babies and children. The Alliance for Anemia Actions, a UNFSS solution, will bring attention to food systems transformations that better nourish and empower women through country-focused and multi-sector actions, policies, and evidence-generation.
  • Economic empowerment: Gender-equitable food systems can safeguard and empower vulnerable women so they can benefit from the economic activity of food systems. New and innovative female-focused economic hubs can support women-led enterprises and income generation.
  • Leadership: Elevating women to positions of power and influence is necessary for transforming food systems to be more gender-equitable and for advancing gender-inclusive policies. A new accountability framework in the Global Food Systems 50/50 initiative tracks food system organizations/actors’ commitment to supporting women leaders and policies.

Affiliated Session Overview

The meeting aims to tap into the experience and lessons of countries to help define the priorities of the cluster. It will also shape how the cluster can support the newly established broader gender Coalition for Action, “Making food systems work for women and girls”.

This is the second in a series of sessions to bring onboard country partners to help shape the Cluster’s future agenda, way of working and operationalization. In the first country consultation meeting (June 29), several countries already expressed their interest in the Cluster, stating it was relevant to the priorities and activities that are being articulated in national dialogues.  This session aims to take the consultation with country representatives one step further with statements of support from countries and donors and joined identification of next steps. 


  • Discuss how countries see the elements of this cluster being operationalized and inter-connected at the country level (1) building women leadership in nutrition, 2) empowering women food entrepreneurship and 3) an integrated anemia reduction approach
  • Foster buy-in for this combined approach & recruit country stakeholders to participate in the cluster

Simultaneous translation will be available in French and Spanish. We hope you can join us for this important and informative discussion, please register here.


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