The 4th Micronutrient Forum Global Conference took place between 23-28th October, 2016 in Cancun Mexico

The Forum welcomed 762 delegates from 78 countries, representing over 330 institutions. Over 6 days they participated in 45 sessions, 27 sponsored symposia and 5 learning centres. 241 speakers presented, with 59 moderators. Over 620 poster presentations took place.

While maintaining the broad interest in all aspects of micronutrients, the guiding theme for the conference focused on women and girls: Positioning Women’s Nutrition at the Centre of Sustainable Development.

Women, often the gatekeepers of food choice and preparation in the home, are a focus for many nutrition interventions, and key partners in the delivery of programs – for children, families and communities. The health and well-being of women and girls are, consequently, critical to achieving several of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The 2016 Conference marked the Forum’s first visit to Latin America. Mexico was the chosen location in recognition of its achievements in addressing micronutrient deficiencies at the population level, and because of its commitment to the design and implementation of evidence-based public policies and programs – programs such as PROSPERA and Liconsa. Mexico, like many countries, continues to strive to eliminate micronutrient malnutrition, while simultaneously addressing the growing challenge of obesity and related non-communicable diseases.

Participants in the conference came from research, program delivery, policy, advocacy, business and philanthropy. It was tremendously gratifying for the organizers that so many travelled long distances to share their insights, knowledge and experience in the battle against micronutrient malnutrition