Become a Member of the Micronutrient Data Innovation Alliance

Join our collective action on micronutrient data!

The Micronutrient Data Innovation Alliance (DInA), hosted by the Micronutrient Forum, is an alliance of diverse members collaborating to improve the quality, accessibility, and use of micronutrient and large-scale food fortification data across the value chain to support national-level decision-makers to better design, implement, and evaluate programs and policies, and expedite progress.

Collective action will not replace the agenda or efforts of any individual organization but will leverage and optimize the goals and actions of each member and stakeholder. We invite organizations and individuals active at any point on the micronutrient data value chain to join the Alliance.

Why join?

Help shape and drive the micronutrient data agenda and find support for your work:

  • Connect with a community of global, regional, and national micronutrient data advocates and stakeholders.
  • Share your results, lessons, and experience to amplify the impact of your work.
  • Benefit from the latest insights, data, and in-depth dialogue.
  • Strengthen your network and skills for action around micronutrient data.

Application to the DInA Alliance consists of 3 steps:

  1. The interested party completes an online application form.
  2. The Secretariat will determine whether the applicant fulfills eligibility criteria. Please note, the Secretariat may request more information from applicants, if necessary.
  3. The Steering Committee will consider and approve membership.

Eligible Organizations:

Organizations are eligible for Alliance membership when:

  1. Their work and priorities are compatible and consistent with the DInA mission.
  2. They have meaningful contributions to the advancement of the collective DInA agenda.

Ineligible Organizations:

DInA seeks to be an inclusive alliance, but reserves the right to refuse membership to individuals and organizations whose priorities and activities do not align with the goals of the Alliance. This includes organizations in the following industry groups:

  • Breastmilk substitute producers
  • Alcoholic beverages industry
  • Armament industry
  • Tobacco (or tobacco-related products) industry
  • Gambling industry
  • Pornography industry
  • Individuals and organizations that may bring the Alliance into disrepute

Categories of Membership:

DInA welcomes all interested organizations to apply for membership. If organizations cannot join, we welcome applications for observer status, or from individuals.


Academic, research, government, foundation, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), normative organizations, and industry who wish to contribute to the collective action and joint agenda of the Alliance are encouraged to join DInA as organizational members. 


Individual members of the Alliance are practitioners and experts affiliated with academic, foundations, research, government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), normative organizations, or industry who wish to contribute to the collective action and joint agenda of the Alliance. DInA values individual expertise and invites individuals whose organizations are unable to join, or who are unaffiliated. 


Organizations, and individuals at organizations that are not able to join as members but are active stakeholders in the field and whose work and priorities need to be taken into consideration. Non-signatories are encouraged to participate in DInA as observers and will be invited to the Alliance meetings as such. 

DInA Membership Registration

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