Across the globe, the strength and resilience of Olympic athletes inspire us all. At MNF, we want to see this energy and strength create bold action for nutrition. 

While this year’s Olympic games are adapted in many ways, the host, the Government of Japan, is committed to keeping a legacy that was established in 2013 – the Nutrition For Growth Summit (N4G). 

In December 2021, the Nutrition For Growth Summit (N4G) will shine a spotlight on the global challenge of malnutrition. N4G has the chance to be a historic commitment-making moment to halt chronic hunger and address the triple forms of malnutrition:  underweight, obesity, and micronutrient malnutrition. To make this happen, we must act together. 

The Government of Japan has outlined three core areas for commitment making at N4G:

1. Integrating nutrition into Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

2. Transforming the food system to promote safe, sustainable, and healthy foods to support people and the planet. 

3. Effectively addressing malnutrition in fragile and conflict-affected contexts and supporting resiliency. 

Each of these three areas is supported by two cross-cutting themes:


“Better data, measurement, and accountability are essential to facilitate more effective commitments to nutrition and to drive equitable progress” -Government of Japan, 2019


“Securing significant increases in domestic finances and other, innovative financing” – Government of Japan, 2019. 

The Micronutrient Forum is working with country governments, donors, research institutes, implementing agencies, and global advocates to ensure that N4D delivers for nutrition, and, in particular, that this year delivers for women everywhere. 

Women deserve to be healthy and resilient. Without good nutrition for women, the health, resilience, and future prosperity of children, communities, and nations will continue to be at risk. 

To find out how you can support commitments for Women at N4G see our Maternal Nutrition and Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation (MSS) Guide. 

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