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Micronutrient deficiency is a global crisis. This hidden hunger adversely impacts individuals, communities, and health systems, limiting the health and futures of one in two children and two in three women worldwide. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, including but not limited to iron, zinc, folate, iodine, and vitamin A, can have devastating consequences on survival, health, and well-being that reverberate for generations and limit economic growth. As climate change and other global crises disrupt the food systems and livelihoods of millions, micronutrient insecurity will only get worse across the globe.

The Micronutrient Forum is the central platform for evidence and advocacy to improve micronutrient health. We are a group of experts bringing leaders together to help build and strengthen the evidence base on micronutrient deficiencies and interventions, build consensus, and ultimately contribute to the development of stronger policies, programs, and systems to protect the health of vulnerable communities everywhere. We understand the power of a common agenda: by convening the right people and facilitating the development of shared priorities, the Micronutrient Forum is accelerating progress towards a world without micronutrient deficiencies.

We do this work because it is urgent: because we know that micronutrient deficiencies have lifelong, even multi-generational consequences, and affordable, high-impact solutions are available today. We remove bottlenecks, creating the conditions for improved maternal and child health outcomes, stronger health and food systems, and more effective humanitarian responses. And through our work, we help global and national leaders better understand the importance of micronutrients to all health and development priorities.

The future we strive towards is one with less suffering and more opportunity for people to reach their potential. When everyone is better nourished, people are better equipped to grow, dream, and thrive. Their communities are stronger, healthier, and more resilient. To make this vision a reality, we must move forward together.

Our Strategy

Connecting Knowledge and Impact Across Disciplines and Sectors

The Micronutrient Forum’s strategy is predicated on the fact that stakeholders in the nutrition field need a sound micronutrient technical resource, and that conversely scientific research should be informed by the needs of stakeholders such as policymakers, implementers, and funders and investors. However, knowledge without action is insufficient. The Forum also identifies knowledge gaps, prioritizes, and coordinates and collaborates with others to fill those gaps, and effectively disseminate this new knowledge.

The Forum aims to increase the effectiveness of the entire field and ultimately improve the lives of populations vulnerable to micronutrient deficiencies.

The Micronutrient Forum does not conduct research, policy, or implementation. Instead, the Forum works at the intersection of all three, filling knowledge gaps and improving collaboration.

2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Strategic Objectives and Themes

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