Leveraging Micronutrient Data to Inform National Policies and Programs

The collection and interpretation of micronutrient data have played a pivotal role in nutrition interventions and national strategies to reduce the burden of micronutrient deficiencies. Data serves as an essential tool in the policy-making process, helping decision-makers understand the current nutrition landscape, monitor progress, and make evidence-based decisions. By harnessing data, policy and programs can be better tailored to address the specific needs of populations, ensuring that resources are targeted effectively and efficiently.

In 2023, DInA published three case studies and a policy brief, which provides specific insights into how data-driven policy and program implementation can lead to improved nutrition outcomes and provides key recommendations to strengthen the data ecosystem for micronutrients.

DInA Policy Brief

From Information to Action: Using Micronutrient Data to Drive Policy Change

Photo: World Bank / Leigh Vogel

Data-Driven Success Stories

These case studies from Nepal, Ethiopia, and Guatemala provide examples of how micronutrient data can influence national nutrition and health policies and programs, with valuable lessons on implementation and outcomes.

Recording: Webinar on Data-Driven Success Stories

Originally on May 3, 2023, this webinar explored case studies of micronutrient data-driven policy interventions from Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Nepal, specifically looking at successes, context-specific challenges and limitations of micronutrient data collection, and lessons learned and policy recommendations. Speakers: Abel Ahmed, Food Fortification Advisor, Ethiopia Ministry of Industry, and Food and Beverage Industry Research and Development Center; Lynnette Neufeld, Director, FAO; Mireya Palmieri, Director of Epidemiological Health and Nutrition Surveillance System in Guatemala, Institute of Nutrition Central America and Panama; and Naveen Paudyal, Nutrition Officer, UNICEF Nepal.

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