The Mighty

The Mighty Nutrients Coalition is an evidence-based voice that drives collective advocacy for the power of vitamins and minerals — mighty nutrients — to improve health and unlock human potential.​

The Coalition works to drive increased investments and actions needed to scale-up micronutrient solutions. 

Our goal is to support more resilient and effective systems — from health and social protection to agriculture and education — that better deliver micronutrients to improve and safeguard health, with a focus on vulnerable women and children.​

Photo: Mohamad Al-Arief/The World Bank

Investing in eliminating micronutrient deficiencies means making an investment in people — people who are strong and healthy enough to learn, work, innovate, contribute, and lead meaningful lives.​

Without the unified voice and collective action of the Mighty Nutrients Coalition, our community risks being pushed down the global health and development agenda.​

A world without micronutrient deficiencies is possible, ​
but we must move forward together. ​

Join us and contribute your expertise to the movement.

Our Action and Impact

Action Area 1: Speak With One Voice

Action Area 2: Coordinate Advocacy &
Policy Actions

Action Area 3: Champion & Support Country Efforts of MNC Members

Impact:  Increased global and national investments and actions to scale-up micronutrient interventions.

Who We Are

The Mighty Nutrient Coalition has representation from international organizations, NGOs, the United Nations system, government officials, and the academic community.

63 Organizations

The Coalition is housed at the Micronutrient Forum, the central global platform for evidence and advocacy to improve micronutrient health.

218 Individuals

The Coalition’s Technical Partners represent a range of established expert groups and guide the Coalition’s priorities and actions with their expertise and know-how.

52 Countries

Coalition membership spans 
more than 50 countries with representatives from international organizations, NGOs, the United Nations system, government officials, private sector actors, and the academic community.

When we act together, we can drive the impact we seek.

The Way Forward

A road to resilience to protect and accelerate nutrition progress in an era of crises.

Global Advocacy Resources

for the WHA/WHO Resolution on Food Fortification

The resolution, ‘Accelerating efforts for preventing micronutrient deficiencies, spina bifida, and other neural tube defects through safe and effective food fortification’, was passed by the World Health Organization in May 2023.

Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation

One of the best bets for development.

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