The Micronutrient Data Innovation Alliance

The Micronutrient Data Innovation Alliance (DInA), hosted by the Forum, is an alliance of diverse members to improve the availability, quality, accessibility, and use of micronutrient-related data across the value chain to support national-level decision-makers to better design, implement, measure, and optimize programs and policies.

The Alliance also involves new organizations with skills and perspectives not currently engaged in the ecosystem, such as digital modeling, artificial intelligence/machine learning expertise, and mapping proficiency to provide new perspectives and innovative approaches to micronutrient data availability, accessibility, quality, use, and insights.

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Read about DInA’s efforts to close the micronutrient data gap.

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Success Stories

Case studies from Nepal, Ethiopia, and Guatemala on how micronutrient data influences policies and programs.

The Global Micronutrient Data Landscape

Explore the the numerous partners working in the micronutrient data space.

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Steering Committee

Learn more about the micronutrient changemakers guiding DInA.

The Global Fortification Data Exchange

Check out GFDx, an analysis and data visualization tool for data on food fortification.

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