A comparison of the nutritional status of children under-five from different small-scale surveys in different regions in Indonesia

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0577 Prevalence and risk factors for micronutrient status(deficiency, overload) Poster Not Approved


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Comparing the nutritional status of children under-five and the possible contributing factors from different small-scale surveys conducted by CWS in different regions in Indonesia


CWS collected information on nutritional status and its contributing factors through small-scale surveys in CWS intervention areas. These surveys were conducted in Nias, Poso, and SoE District . They were designed as a cross-sectional survey. The survey in Nias Island (North Sumatera Province) was conducted during post-tsunami 2004 recovery-reconstruction period (2008). The survey in Poso District (Central Sulawesi) during post-conflict recovery (2011). The survey in Soe District (East Nusa Tenggara Province) was conducted in early 2016.


The highest prevalence of stunting and anemia among children 6-59 months were found in Soe (65.7% and 80.4%, respectively), while for wasting was found in Nias survey (9.1%). The highest prevalence of anemia and stunting among children 6-23 months was found in Soe (93.5% and 49.9%). Overall, the animal source food consumed in past 24-hours was low in SoE (21.9%), while in Poso was 69.6% (no data for Nias). However for children 6-11 months, the consumption of animal source food was low in both SoE and Poso. The percentage of children consumed animal source food in past one week in Nias and Poso were high (96% and 80.2%, respectively), but still low for those 6-11 months in Poso (37.5%). No data in SoE.


The stunting and anemia prevalence is very high. The dietary intake of young children is far from optimal, in particular children 6-11 months lacking the animal source of food.

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