Anemia in pregnancy: pregnancy outcome and neonatal data in a Moroccan population

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0281 Functional outcomes: e.g. child development, cognition, growth, stunting, birth outcomes, morbidity, long-term health Poster Not Approved


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To determine the effects of anemia of pregnancy on outcome of and neonatal components.


It was a matter of a cross sectional study of a year conducted in the obstetrics and gynecology department of the motherhood of the hospital Sidi Lahcen in the city of Temara, all births in the maternity during the study period were recruited.


Of the 849 women enrolled, 697 had achieved hematological evaluation, 117 (16.8%) of them were found anemic. Anemic women in labor were more prone to complications of childbirth and postpartum, in particular, postpartum hemorrhage and infection third day of delivery.Our study has also shown that anemic women were more likely to give birth to premature or small for gestational age newborn and this with a statistically significant difference.Regarding the birth defects and neo natal deaths there were no statistically significant difference between women with anemia and those without anemia.


This study demonstrated a relationship between anemia during pregnancy and the occurrence of postpartum complications, including maternal infections and hemorrhage and high rates of prematurity and low birthweight.

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