The Micronutrient Data Innovation Alliance (DInA) presents a webinar on:

Data-driven Success Stories:

Leveraging Micronutrient Data to Inform National Policies and Programs

3 May 2023 | 9:30 AM ET | 3:30 PM CET | 7 PM IST


Data has become an increasingly important resource for policymakers around the world. The use of data and evidence-based policymaking must be an essential tool for governments to address micronutrient deficiencies and drive effective decision-making.

This webinar aims to showcase successful examples from Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Nepal of micronutrient data-driven policy interventions, discuss context-specific challenges and limitations of micronutrient data collection, and review lessons learned and policy recommendations.


  • Lynnette Neufeld, Director, FAO
  • Abel Ahmed, Food Fortification Advisor, Ethiopia Ministry of Industry, and Food and Beverage Industry Research and Development Center
  • Mireya Palmieri, Director of Epidemiological Health and Nutrition Surveillance System in Guatemala, Institute of Nutrition Central America and Panama
  • Naveen Paudyal, Nutrition Officer, UNICEF Nepal.

Moderator: Megan Bourassa, DInA Program Lead

Join this discussion to learn from country representatives how to best use micronutrient data to inform policies and programs on nutrition interventions.


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