When our babies are healthy, so is our future. That’s why the Micronutrient Forum is please to act as the Secretariat for the Healthy Mothers Heathy Babies Consortium. Building on the foundational work of the 2019 Goalkeepers Accelerator of the same name and the work undertaken at the February 2020 MMS Stakeholder Alignment Consultation, the Consortium unites countries, researchers, international organizations, and funders around shared goals and amplifies advocacy efforts for women’s nutrition.

Consortium Objectives:
1. Align perspectives and activities around a common MMS agenda so that governments and organizations are moving in the same direction and are best positioned to learn from each other, avoid duplicative efforts, and maximize impact.

2. Accelerate and amplify MMS advocacy in global, regional, and national contexts to help create the necessary political will to sustain MMS programming.

3. Create consensus and guide collective action on emerging issues through technical expert convenings and discussions on the latest information and evidence.

4. Capture, share, and widely disseminate existing and new information on MMS evidence, tools, guidance, lessons learned, and other resources.

Visit the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Consortium website.

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