Introducing the #MNF2023 Program!

This post is an introduction to the Exclusive #N4R Previews blog series.

In today’s world, where cascading hunger and malnutrition crises are impacting vulnerable communities, the Micronutrient Forum’s 6th Global Conference #MNF2023, Nutrition for Resilience #N4R, couldn’t be more timely and relevant. From climate change to soaring food prices, conflicts, and the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, nutrition security is facing unprecedented challenges.

At #N4R, we’ll dive deep into the critical connection between nutritional wellbeing and population resilience. Expect to learn about cutting-edge nutrition research, from basic micronutrient biology to program implementation and evidence-based solutions for climate-smart agriculture. Gain insights into integrated responses to humanitarian emergencies and effective strategies for preventing future malnutrition crises. Discover ways to bolster program resilience and scalability through social protection systems.

Explore how to build resilient data systems for informed decision-making and shed light on the intergenerational impacts of poor nutrition on women. Collaboration and new financing opportunities for nutrition and resilience-building programs will also be key topics of focus. 

Renowned global and national leaders and experts, including high-level panels of World Food Prize Laureates and Women Leaders, will share their wisdom and insights during the conference’s Opening and Closing Plenaries. Together, we will rally and launch the N4R “Way Forward” statement, a culmination and synthesis of the conference’s evidence and policy dialogues. This statement will contribute to policy recommendations aimed at elevating nutrition and micronutrients across three pivotal pillars: saving lives, building resilience, and securing the future through stronger systems. 

The conference has been intentionally designed to be fully virtual and interactive, ensuring a high-quality experience for both in-person and online audiences worldwide.

Main sessions will be live-streamed, and all sessions will be available online within 48 hours, offering ample opportunities for virtual and in-person networking, engaging with experts, and interacting with fellow attendees. This approach reflects our commitment to global knowledge equity and represents a significant step forward for the sector to ensure that the latest evidence, programs, and policies on nutrition reach audiences worldwide, especially those in low- and middle-income countries facing significant nutrition challenges. 

By bringing together leading experts and advocates with decision-makers, #N4R also offers promising opportunities to generate new cooperation and partnerships. Our collective voice is stronger when it is inclusive. Whether you are a student, researcher, civil society or human rights advocate, or policymaker, you are most welcome. Join us at #MNF2023 and be part of the global effort to create a healthier and more resilient future for all. 

The 6th Global Conference

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