Open Call: Apply to be a member of the MMS TAG

The Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation Technical Advisory Group (MMS TAG), hosted by the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Consortium (HMHB), is seeking new members, particularly from low and middle-income countries. Experts in maternal and child health, public health, and nutrition, with relevant programmatic experience in MMS, including the design, implementation, and monitoring of programs at the country level, are welcome to apply to be a member of the global MMS TAG. Those interested in applying are requested to submit a cover letter, indicating their motivation to apply and they satisfy the selection criteria, and their curriculum vitae by 18 August 2024 to


The MMS TAG serves to identify priorities for MMS clinical research and implementation and to generate guidance for decision-makers and stakeholders by synthesizing/reanalyzing relevant evidence and expert opinion. The group’s priorities are developed through consensus among the members and aim to address topics of greatest current interest within the MMS community. The outputs of the MMS TAG are published scientific articles and consensus guidance documents, and the work of the MMS TAG is facilitated by smaller Working Groups formed to work on specific high-priority topics. 

The MMS TAG plays a crucial role in guiding the HMHB Program’s efforts to improve maternal and child health outcomes through evidence-based micronutrient supplementation strategies. Members of the TAG provide technical advice, contribute to the development of guidelines and policies, and support the implementation of innovative research and programs. MMS TAG members do not receive compensation for participating in this group but obtain recognition for their contributions in resulting MMS TAG publications. 

Each MMS TAG member is expected to:

  • Serve a renewable two-year term.
  • Attend and actively participate in the MMS TAG meetings (virtual or in-person), held at least twice a year.
  • Help identify the current and future activities of the MMS TAG that can advance the knowledge and strengthen the evidence about the use of MMS.
  • Volunteer to be part of a Working Group and contribute to its specific tasks, as relevant to their expertise.
  • Inform the MMS TAG of new MMS-related activities or evidence and contribute to its interpretation.
  • Identify strategic partnerships and additional sources of funding to strengthen the impact of the MMS TAG.
  • Review and sign the MMS TAG’s Terms of Reference upon admission.
  • Complete an MMS TAG disclosure of interest form upon admission and annually thereafter to assess potential conflicts of interest.

MMS TAG members will serve in their individual expert capacity and shall not represent any governments, any commercial industries or entities, any research, academic, or civil society organizations, or any other bodies, entities, institutions, or organizations.

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