HMHB releases fourth short film in Women’s Voices Series: Women’s Voices from Bangladesh

HMHB has released the 4th film in the short film series called ‘Women’s Voices’. This is the story of Jahanara from Bangladesh, a factory worker, in her seventh month of pregnancy. It showcases how Jahanara copes with the burden of being the breadwinner, housekeeper, and mother while being pregnant and struggling to get the nutrition she needs for herself and her unborn baby.

In her own words, she says, “I am not just a factory worker, I am also a mother. This is the story of thousands of women”.  While her daughter and mother-in-law are both supportive and grateful for what Jaharana does for the family, they are able to help her in limited ways. While her problems are manifold, taking multiple micronutrient supplement (MMS) pills, prescribed by her doctor, helps supplement her nutritional needs. Since she doesn’t experience any side effects, she is happy to take the pills. She is willing to spend a portion of her meager savings to buy these pills. Millions of vulnerable women worldwide can benefit from MMS during pregnancy. Integrating MMS into antenatal care programs and providing them free of cost can help women like Jahanara.

This video is part of the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Women’s Voices Series. These unique five-minute stories provide an up close view into the lives of mothers during pregnancy and also shows the commitment of community health workers who support them – all told in their own words. The films highlight both the challenges and the opportunities to improve micronutrient intake and the nutritional well-being of mothers globally.

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