HMHB releases short film in honor of community health workers

In celebration of the World Health Workers Week, HMHB released the second film in a series of short films on ‘Women’s Voices’, honoring health workers like Shakuntala, from Borwadi Tanda, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India, who support vulnerable mothers and babies.

In this film, Shakuntala, a dedicated health worker, recounts the struggles faced by pregnant women in Aurangabad, including social barriers, in having safe and healthy pregnancy experiences. Shakuntala, a ‘walking hospital’, shares how she visits these women in the remote village of Borwadi Tanda regularly, educating and changing the mindsets of their families to motivate them to access health care services and follow safe and healthy pregnancy practices. She describes how these women work tirelessly on the farm all day and struggle to make ends meet, often compromising their own nutrition and health needs for their families.

These films are meant to help a wide range of audiences understand the plight of women in low-and middle-income countries and support advocacy efforts to prioritize maternal nutrition and health in the global development sector.


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