Join the MNForum at IUNS 21st ICN 2017 – International Congress of Nutrition

From October 15th to 20th at the Sheraton Hotel and Convention Centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Micronutrient Forum is looking forward to showcasing the work of a very productive year following the close of the 2016 Global Conference in Cancun last October.

Three new reports and a new data platform, collaborations with the Sackler Institute, the Food Fortification Initiative, the Iodine Global Network, and GAIN, as well a symposium and poster presentations at the ICN, mark the culmination of a very fruitful three year partnership with our funder, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and 6 years with our host organization, Nutrition International.

Look for us at the MN Forum booth, pick up copies of our new work on folate, food fortification and modelling tools, come to our symposium on vitamin A, and find out about our bold plans for the future.

MN Forum 2017 Events at the IUNS 21st ICN

Sunday October 15th to Friday October 20th

Visit the MN Forum Booth, # 5R, in the special exhibition section on the main floor of the Sheraton Hotel.

Monday October 16th

11:30am-13:30pm   Location: Room 3 – Libertador B

Sponsored Symposium: Integration to Implementation (I to I) on Vitamin A Interventions

Presenters: Ian Darnton-Hill, Klaus Kraemer, Roland Kupka, Homero Martinez, Dora Inés Mazariegos, Musonda Mofu, Dan Raiten, Parminder A. Suchdev, Sherry Tanumihardjo, and Emorn Udomkesmalee

Download the Symposium materials using the links below:


Vitamin A insufficiency remains a significant global health challenge. Despite over 40 years of experience with various interventions, from food-based to dietary supplements, concerns remain about the best practice under specific conditions of use. Daniel J. Raiten

Biological evidence for or against high dose supplementation. Sherry Tanumihardjo

Relative strengths and weaknesses of available interventions/program strategies to prevent deficiency or improve vitamin A status in individuals or populations. Emorn Udomkesmalee

What are the implications of the current concern/debate on national efforts to prevent vitamin A deficiency in Zambia? Musonda J. Mofu

What are the implications of the current concern/debate on national efforts to prevent vitamin A deficiency in Guatemala. Dora Ines Mazariegos

What does it all mean and how might we move an agenda forward to address these challenges? C. Enabling agencies. Klaus Kraemer

Powerpoint presentation

Application of Integration to Effective Implementation: “I-to-I:” Vitamin A Interventions

Tuesday October 17th


Poster Presentations

Homero Martinez: Executing a technical consultation on folate status in women and neural tube defects risk-reduction to prioritize investments and accelerate feasible and effective interventions. Touchscreen: 6

John Hoddinott: The investment case for folic acid fortification to reduce NTD risk in low- and middle income countries. Touchscreen: 5

Lynn Bailey: Assessment of folate insufficiency in women of reproductive age as the basis of NTD risk assessment in low- and middle-income countries: Interdisciplinary committee guidance. Touchscreen: 5

New Reports

Advancing neural tube defect prevention in low- and middle-income countries through improved folate status in women of reproductive age

Download the report at

Large-scale food fortification: an overview of trends and challenges in low- and middle income countries in 2017

Download the report

Nutrition modeling tools for advocacy, decision-making & costing – a workshop to support adoption and utilization (with the Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science)

Download the report at

Paper: About the Micronutrient Forum

The Micronutrient Forum: Bridging Discovery and Delivery

Global Fortification Data Exchange (GFDx)

In collaboration with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), the Food Fortification Initiative (FFI), and the Iodine Global Network (IGN), the Forum has launched a platform centralizing high quality fortification data and visualization tools.

Visit GFDx at

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